New Pad / Old Rotor

Rotors and pads are never worn out evenly; we recommend installing new brake rotors or rotors that have been re-surfaced using a brake lathe

Hardware Kit

Hardware kits are made to secure a brake system into place; in most cases, they can be re-installed after being wiped down & lubricated

Rotor Thickness

Replacing rotors before it reaches the minimum thickness saves time and cash by limiting a standard brake job to rotors and pads

New Rotor / Old Pad

In most cases, pads installed within 90 days or 3,000 miles can be re-used after applying sand paper to smooth out the rough surface material

Type of Coating

Rotors and brake pads needs to be “worn-in” so that the surface material from both matches up

Break-in Process

New cars off the lot did not have to go thru a "break-in" process; the problem goes away on its own & if it doesn't, we'll get you a brand new set